Owner: James Mascari
Asheville, NC
68 Camaro Drag Car
68 Camaro tail panel
68 Camaro Trunk Lid
Classic car welding
68 Camaro body work
68 Camaro Trunk lid
68 Camaro restoration
68 Camro quater panel
68 Camaro rear qtr panel
Camaro Restoration
Classic Car restoration
Camaro qtr panel
68 Camro Bodywork on Trunk Lid
68 Camaro Trunk Lid Body work
68 Camaro Quater panel welding
68 Chevrolet Camaro B Pilar body work
Camaro B-Pilar
Chevrolet Camaro Patch welding
Lower quater panel patch welding on 68 Camaro
Welding qtr panel on 68 Camaro
Seam weld on 68 Camaro qtr panel
Butt welding on qtr panel on 68 Camaro
Camaro quater panel bodywork
Fibergalss work on 68 Camaro
Fibergalss body work
68 Camaro Passenger door body work
68 Camaro Drivers Door Body work
Stripping old paint off fenders and header panel on 68 Camaro
Body work on Left qtr panel of 68 Camaro
Metal work on 68 Camaro
Right fender body work
Left fender body work
Fender body work on 68 Camaro Drag Car
68 Camaro Header panel body work
68 Camaro Body work on Left fender
68 Camaro Door Gap custom adjustment
68 Camaro Restoration
Metal work on 1968 Chevy Camaro
1968 Camaro Tail panel Bodywork
1968 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration work
Body work
Blocking Filler on 68 Camaro Fender
68 Camro Front Fender Extensions
68 Chevy Camaro Auto body
Body work on 68 Camaro Top
Damage repair on 68 Camaro Top
Pant stripping
Strip old paint and primer from 68 Camaro Top
Auto body filler work
Header panel and valance panel for 68 Camaro
Remove dents from 1968 Camaro header panel and Valance panel
1968 Camaro Restoration Work
Body work to Right fender
Filler work on 68 Camaro Top
Skim coating body filler on top
Primer fenders
Primer valance panel
68 Camaro fenders primed
Primer trunk lid on 68 Camaro
Guide coat primer to find low spots
Guide coat
Body work on custom cowl hood on 68 Camaro drag car
Door gap alignment on Camaro
Body work on 68 Camaro Tail panel
Final primer with K36 on 68 Camaro body
k36 Primer on 68 Camaro
Prep underneath trunk lid for paint
First round of 789 Black base coat
789 Black base coat on 68 Camao cowl hood
Trim out door jambs on 68 Camaro
Primer jambs
Install doors on 68 Camaro
Rerassembly of 68 Camaro
slick black paint job with Concept 2021 Clear
Black base coat
1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS resto
Color sanding base coat for ultra slick finish
Apply clear coat to body
Concept 2021 Clear on 68 Camaro
2021 Clear on left door of 68 Chevy
clear coated doors
Ultra slick black finish
Front lower fender extensions on 68 Camaro
Install rear spoiler and tail lights on 68 Camaro